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Service Terms


The products and services offered on www.frammenti.com.co can only be paid with the means indicated in each specific case. The use of a credit card is subject to what is established in these Terms and Conditions and to what is agreed in the respective cases of opening contracts and use regulations with its issuer. FRAMMENTI SAS may determine purchase conditions according to the payment method chosen by the user. FRAMMENTI SAS has the right to determine the maximum amount of credits that the user can use per purchase and the user will be notified prior to initiating the payment process. The credits that are used by the users will not be refunded in case of return of the products.


Through www.frammenti.com.co, offers of goods and services will be made that can be accepted using the mechanisms offered. All acceptance of an offer by a user is subject to suspensive condition until the transaction is validated. For any operation that is carried out on www.frammenti.com.co, the validation by the supplier is a requirement for the formation of consent. To validate each transaction, you must first verify that the payment method offered by the user is valid, the data registered by the client on the site match those provided when the offer was accepted and that the payment is credited by the user. To inform the user about the validation of the offer, a confirmation will be sent to the same email address that the user has registered when subscribing. The consent will be understood to be formed from the moment this written confirmation is sent to the user and in the place where it was issued.

The sale and dispatch of the products is conditional on their availability. If for any reason, a product is not available, and the customer was able to make a purchase of this product not available, the customer will be notified immediately and the total value of the price paid for the product will be remunerated.


The offers on www.frammenti.com.co will be valid until the effective date indicated in the promotion or until the quantities of products available for said promotion are exhausted. When no validity date is indicated in a promotion, it will be understood that the offer will be existing until the corresponding inventories are exhausted. The prices of the products and services published on www.frammenti.com.co will only be valid for purchases made through this medium. They will not be valid for other sales channels. All prices are expressed by default in US dollars and will be converted to the currency of the user’s country of residence. The prices offered do not include transportation, handling, shipping and accessories that are not expressly described in the product descriptions.

It is possible that some products may have an incorrect price. If a typographical error is identified in any of the product prices, customers will be contacted before dispatching the products and notified of the error. Products will not ship until the correct price is canceled.


The promotions offered on www.frammenti.com.co will not be valid on other sales channels. When promotions are made that consist of lowering the price or sending a product free of charge for the purchase of another, the two products must be delivered to the same site. Suppliers submit their promotions to the provisions of Law 1480 of 2011.

When discount coupons are offered, the value of the coupon, the minimum purchase amount to use the coupon and the dates on which it can be used will be clarified. Any natural person over 18 years old can use coupons. Coupons cannot be combined with other promotions and can only be used once per customer. The maximum purchase amount for the use of coupons is 10 million pesos.


The warranty for manufacturing defects is six (6) months. It does not cover the natural wear and tear of the product with the use, nor the damages caused by misuse of the same, such as:

  • Submerges
  • Resale chain or bracelet.
  • Rupture or loss of precious stones, or any stone set in the jewel.
    Damage caused by the jewel by contact with: sweat, chlorine, salt water, chemicals, cleaning products, makeup, hot water, perfumes, creams and lacquers.
  • Change in the natural state of the precious or semiprecious stone.
    The jewels require periodic maintenance (gold plating) to preserve the brightness and color.
  • The gold plating, with the use and contact with creams, perfumes and soaps tends to get lost, which is not a factory defect of the product and therefore the warranty does not cover it.
  • Enameled jewels are especially sensitive to shock and contact with chemicals. The warranty does not cover loss of enamelling by shocks, scratches or exposure to corrosive substances by the customer.
  • The jewels with stones suffer deterioration of the setting with normal use, when they are struck or rubbed, causing the stones to be released, which is not a defect of the product and is not covered by the warranty.
  • The fabric of some bracelets and chains over time is stretched, without this being a manufacturing defect.
    Warranty claim procedure

Bring or send the jewel to FRAMMENTI with the invoice. The product is sent to the company’s workshop where it will be reviewed by the respective technician giving response in five (5) business days. The indicated time does not include the time required for the arrangement of the product.


Absolutely all the content available to the user at www.frammenti.com.co, including intellectual and industrial property, is the exclusive property of FRAMMENTI or of the companies providing the products. Users must refrain from reusing the content www.frammenti.com.co without the prior consent of FRAMMENTI